The power of #’s

I posted a screenshot of the blog and tossed a couple of #’s in there, really not thinking about what would happen. I have literally spent the morning in my pajama’s, neglecting my kids and letting them raid the pantry while I wrote and reread the blog for the hundredth time and just when I’m about to shut the laptop, I refresh the page and damn near lose my mind!

1 view to 6 to 10 to 28 mother effing views!

Within five minutes of posting the blog on instagram, the blog got five views. In fifteen minutes ten and at twelve I had to shut the laptop and do something with myself because I was literally hyperventilating!

And in case you were wondering because I did mention the kids. Two out of the three couldn’t care less at what mom was freaking out about. It could have been a burglar or our biggest fear in this house a SPIDER and their eyes would not have shifted from the TV screen. The little one, of course, did find it entertaining and screamed and danced along with me.

But holy crap! I lost my mind at the thought of people reading my words! People I do not know and can’t stop and ask what they thought about what I had to say.

Clearly, I didn’t think this blog site through. What is the purpose of a blog if not to reach an unknown audience.

So after messaging my husband a strand of exclamation points and “freaking out” gifs , I call my sister in law and she succeeds in talking my heart out of cardiac arrest. I know your reading so, good job girl.

I underestimated the power of instagram. Thank you to anyone who is reading this. If you followed the instagram post, thank you for going out of your way and instead of just scrolling past it clicking and clicking until you ended up here. You gave a girl hope. I AM REALLY DOING THIS! ❤

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