About Des A. Scott

Des A. Scott is the pseudonym of this author/ writer mom. Chosen for many different reasons but inspired by her children’s middle names.

Vivianna DESerae, Mia Angeline and Jeremiah SCOTT.

As a teenager writing poetry and devouring books were her escape from reality, where she would easily get whisked away and live a hundred different lives. She had dreams of writing as a career but life had other plans for her. Now fourteen years later and writing her debut novel, a dream she was sure was out of reach for her has, become a reality proving to her self and her children “it’s never too late to be what you might have been.”-George Eliott

Des is married to her high school sweetheart and living in SW Florida with their three children and one year old fur baby, Rocky. She spends her days homeschooling, juggling teenage hormones and trying her hardest to raise not shitty humans. Surviving on too much caffeine and wishing for longer days though her nights are dedicated to words. Reading or writing, they are her kind of self care.

Des is an avid reader that will read just about anything that grabs her attention but romance is definitely her main jam. The heart wrenching type of love that hurts and is full of all kinds of angst. Romeo and Juliet is her all time favorite romance. Titanic is her absolute favorite movie. Both of witch she has read and watched countless times. She is a true homebody who is perfectly content at home unless it’s for the beach but time at home with her favorite people, bingeing on Netflix or watching The Greatest Showman for the umpteenth time are just as perfect.

Stay tuned and follow her on this wild journey as she kicks doubts ass, follows her dreams and in the process, hopes to inspire anyone else to follow their own.