About Des A. Scott

Des A. Scott is the pseudonym of this author in progress. Chosen for many different reasons but inspired by her children’s middle names.

Vivianna DESerae, Mia Angeline and Jeremiah SCOTT.

My reason for never giving up and showing them “All Dreams Can Come True If We Have The Courage To Pursue Them.” – Walt Disney

She is a jersey girl who loves the country but is at peace by the sea, currently living her best life in sunny southern Florida.

Des has always been a lover of words. As a teenager writing poetry and devouring books were her escape from reality, where she would easily get whisked away to live a hundred different lives. She had dreams of writing as a career but life got in the way and dreams got left behind.

Finally, after life slowed down a bit and she had a minute or two all to herself, that dream of writing found her again, eleven years later. Kicking her self doubt to the curb she decided there would be no better time for this journey than the present, so she wrote. In between cooking, cleaning, kids, husband, and the #momlife, she writes the story she wants to read, and she’s never been happier.

Stay tuned and follow her on this wild journey as she kicks doubts ass, follows her dreams and in the process, hopes to inspire anyone else to follow their own.

Top 5 Favorite Authors >>>> Kandi Steiner, Amy Harmon, Meredith Wild, Jamie McGuire and Tijan,

Favorite Genre to Read >>> I will honestly read anything. If it’s a good book and I’m hooked in the beginning I will see it through to the end but definitely romance. The heart wrenching type of love that hurts and is full of all kinds of angst but I do enjoy fantasy, as well as YA, contemporary, paranormal, and thrillers.

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