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Over 10,000 words in! There is no going back now.

I am really doing this! Des A. Scott (pen name by the way) was something I had NO IDEA I needed but I am so glad I finally had the nerve to bring her out and express herself in writing. I have kept this voice in the dark for so long but now she is out with eager fingers ready to type away at all the hours in the dark or in between naps or while cooking dinner. Now we have reached this milestone. 11,303 words written in this work in progress that I hope to publish. I don’t know the rules but I’m sure over 10,000 words in a month is probably no milestone, I don’t care.


I squeezed it into my busy days and sleepless nights and gave life to a story that started with just a quote and a picture of a girl in my head. Next thing I know she has a life, a first kiss, conflicts. It’s like a movie playing in my head and I can’t type fast enough before I get distracted by the kids, life, or the need for sleep.

*I hope you stay tuned for future excerpts from In the Dark *

After writing the first kiss scene last night these words were on replay over and over in my head and then I discovered Canva.com, thanks to a quick google search of course. It’s an easy to use graphic design website with some great templates for anything you want to create. From a facebook cover, flyers, Instagram or Tumblr posts, BOOK COVERS and so much more. It’s a great tool to give whatever idea you have a beautiful and professional design. Best part it’s FREE. (I’m the if it’s free, it’s for me kinda girl) There are plans with monthly payments that give you access to more but we don’t need all that. Just sharing whatever I find on the way here. So what do you think? Future promo art? Comment what you think. I would love any and all feedback.

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