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* In the dark – Teaser *

Excited to share a teaser for my contemporary romance In the dark, coming soon!!

Momma has been putting in work! Can you tell? Comment below on what you think of this little teaser and stay tuned!!! I cannot wait to finish writing, edit, edit, edit some more and then publish!

Squeezing this baby in between cooking, kids, errands and everything else in my life has been trying but so rewarding at the same time. To see the number grow with every word I type or rereading and getting exciting about a scene. I mean the late nights eventually get to me and I have had to ignore the laptop for a few nights to catch up on sleep. The laundry might have backed up and someone ran out of clean underwear but like I said before, MOMMA HAS BEEN PUTTING IN WORK!

I just cannot wait to see where these characters take me. I know this little teaser is a little premature as the book isn’t done yet but I received some advice about getting teasers out to hook future readers in, so that is what I am doing.

HOPING TO REEL YOU IN. Let me know if it worked!

Happy writing!

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