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You’re closer now to finishing that book than you were when you first began… – Kimberly Kiser

*Writing update* Currently have 11 chapter written of my first draft! Whoot, whoot!

But I haven’t added any chapters IN A MONTH! Whomp, whomp, whomp.

If you read my “Diagnosis of writer’s block” post you will remember the big middle finger I sent to my writer’s block. I was having some real writer struggles and surprise, surprise still am. So for the last month I’ve been back in the beginning of my story editing, deleting and adding more layers to my characters.

Then I did a thing and reached out to an author on instagram who was in need of Beta readers for his novel. After stressing myself out about being a crappy beta reader and googling how to be a good one, I got it done and she thought my edits and comments were exactly what she was looking for. ( Pats self on back. Killed it!) She also offered if she could read and review anything of mine in exchange, so I sent him my first 3 chapters!

The feedback was exactly what I needed but I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel a little discouraged. They did say they thought the story was good so I’m going to hold on to that one right there.

Back to the beginning I go, even though I’ve spent one month there already. I figure going back in and editing what he commented on will make the 3rd or 4th drafts easier since this part of the story is going to need less editing. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

At the end of the day I am one step closer to finishing this book. I am following my dreams and so much closer than I was a month ago to making it a reality.

Fellow writers when do you edit? During or after completion? Any advice on a girl just winging this entire thing?

Thanks for reading and happy writing!

2 thoughts on “You’re closer now to finishing that book than you were when you first began… – Kimberly Kiser”

  1. WAY TO GO! I used to write books, and be inspired to write books when i was younger. now i’m so overwhelmed at the idea. i’m cheering you on!
    and the editing process, sheesh! i think it depends on what i’m writing and how inspired i am.


  2. Hey I applaud you! It takes guts to start writing a book, but even more to let someone else read it in progress! Good for you! I was an aspiring author a few years ago but kind of gave up. Perhaps someday I will get to where you are – letting an author on Instagram give me feedback. I admire you!!!!


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