Still a writer.

Of course this is the the quote I come across today because that’s exactly all I’ve been doing! The universe knows!! But can I just say, this brain of mine is scattered in every which way and just can’t seem to focus on my writing. (sigh)

I cannot wait for the madness of this month to be over! I’ve been nonstop packing (Moving in 11 days), cleaning, and mentally preparing myself for my preschoolers’ graduation tomorrow. I haven’t written a word since last Sunday, however I did succeed in shutting my brain down and getting lost in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world. (Nora Roberts, Year One) Much better than staring at boxes or crying over my not so baby boy’s baby pictures.

So here I am, another month behind on my writing and googling inspirational writer quotes. These quotes right here though are why I love words. Just a few well thought-out words put together in the perfect way, have enough power to kick start my brain. Creative juices flowing, my own words in my head, so many I had to write down. Reminds me how grateful I am for this blog because it has been so therapeutic for me during this writing journey and along with the perfect tunes from my playlist, blocking out the children for just a few minutes, I am a writer. I get to let Des A. Scott out of her dark little corner in my head and write to my heart’s content and smile while I’m doing it.

Besides my family there is truly nothing else I can think of that I am this passionate about and I dream of a day where I can truly spend all day in a world of my own words.

For now I’ll just have to remind myself that I am still a writer even if I haven’t written. Do you ever feel like less of a writer? What do you do to get inspired?

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