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I am a writer and she lives deeper than in the words I publish…

It’s been exactly thirty-six days since my last blog post, read a book or kept up with my #writingcommunity on instagram. What can I say, life got just a littler crazier with three kids, graduations, birthdays and cleaning and oh did I mention moving to a new house with three kids on summer break? Yea, that was fun. Or when UHUAL double booked our reservation and instead of having the rental truck for twenty-four hours like originally planned, we only had it for eight. Yea, guess what that meant. “Sleep is overrated anyways”, said no one ever.

Needless to say I put myself on the back burner like I always do because there was no way I was going to be able to focus on anything other then kids, husband, cleaning, new house, AND most importantly remember to start the dishwasher.

Also, as exciting as buying our first home was, it was the most stressed I’d been in a very long time. I am a stress eater and definitely did not handle that well but here we are today in our new home during nap time and even though there are still a few boxes that need to be unpacked, ( currently hidden in my closet) I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS TIME FOR MYSELF because dammit I NEED IT! I have missed words, expressing myself through them, feeling the emotions from them and the pure satisfaction I get from adding to my WIP << Which has definitely been the most neglected.

I am back though, the stress and overwhelmingness has faded and I can kick my feet up and get lost in a world of writing.

I AM A WRITER and she lives much deeper than in just the words I publish for the world to see.

7/18/19 < I truly meant to publish this blog two weeks ago but here its sat in my drafts for the last seventeen days because I probably was distracted by a toddler tantrum. Well in case you were wondering I did get a little writing done. My work in progress is truly a work in progress. Slowly but surely though, I’ll get there and so will you whatever the journey.

Writing moms when do you write? How do you do it all and still make your writing a priority? Even if you are not a writing mom but a busy bee who can hardly find time for themselves, what motivates you when all you want to do is crash? Asking for a friend.

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