Books So Good I Might Have Neglected My Kids

Eleanor and Grey by Brittainy C. Cherry

It’s been exactly one month since I read this new book by the talented Brittainy C. Cherry and I still find myself thinking of Eleanor and Grey. Truly, a beautiful heart-wrenching story that might have had me neglecting my kids, up all night and sobbing as quietly as possible into my pillow while my husband slept beside me. If you haven’t read this yet, YOU NEED TO!!!! (Don’t forget the box of tissues.)

A second chance romance where we first meet Eleanor and Greyson, A.K.A Grey, as teenagers. After Eleanor’s world gets rocked by the worst kind of C word, (And I don’t mean C-U-NEXT- TUESDAY) she meets Greyson East and from there an unbreakable bond forms. The kind of bond that survives distance, heartbreak, time and so much grief.

When they unexpectedly meet again 15 years later, the tables are turned and this time it’s Eleanor’s turn to be the light in Grey’s dark. The man she meets is nothing like the boy she fell in love with all those years ago. Grief and so much guilt are weigh Grey down, leaving him shattered and completely unrecognizable to even his own family.

With patience, resilience, love and most importantly together, Eleanor and Grey mend their broken pieces and become more than they ever could have imagined.

This story was greater than just their love story, although I do think it was a beautiful one. It was about love, loss, accepting the broken pieces, choosing to put them back one by one, even if they don’t fit quite how they use to and hope that you will get through this, whatever IT is.

There are so many amazing quotes in this book, which is just proof in itself to how talented Brittainy C. Cherry is, but this one right here is the one that gutted me and had me snuggling my babies extra hard.

You are my heartbeats. You are my masterpiece. And in a way, I feel as if I cheated death, because I get to live on within you. In your smile, in your laugh, in your heart. I’m there for it all, Eleanor. I’m eternal because of you. So please, do all of the things. Take risks. Find adventures. Keep living for me and know that it has been the greatest honor being your mother. I am so lucky to have loved you.”

Eleanor & Grey – Brittainy C. Cherry