The diagnosis: Writer’s block. See below for recommended treatment.

How about a big middle finger to my brain! I was so inspired and high on my 20,000 plus words in my WIP, just for life to smack me in the face and shut my brain off. And here we are. Six days since the last time I added any words and what have I been doing the last hour? Writing, deleting, rewriting, deleting and rewriting again the same three sentences.

I knew the writer’s block would inevitably get me at some point but not so damn soon!  

Never having dealt with writer’s block really had me in a funk today. The writing high was gone, the light shining over my head, dimmed. After opening my laptop for the umpteenth time and staring at the screen I did what I do best and googled my symptoms. Which sadly confirmed my fears.

Diagnosis: Writer’s block. (Phrase of the writer.) The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

Treatment : 

  1. Go for a walk. (I live in Florida and this would have been a great idea earlier but the sun’s gone down and I can go out there and either be eaten alive by mosquitos, Bobcat or gator. NEXT!)
  2. Eliminate distractions. (Hahahahahaha! As I hear my four-year-old holler for me from across the house and then shut my husband up when he tries to help. “I wasn’t talking to you. MOM!!!”
  3. Do something to get your blood flowing, like running. (Hmm, great idea. I get where you’re going with that, ooh but these knees. NEXT!)
  4. Play. (Psh, easy! Next thing I know I ditched the toddler and her Mickey legos to clean the entire playroom.)
  5. Change your environment. (I’m in bed instead of the kitchen table, so ✔️)
  6. Read a book. ( Perfect! Been wanting to read one of my favorite author’s latest releases “What he never knew”. However, my brain chooses this time to turn back on just to remind me how much I suck for not working on my own book right now!)
  7. Listen to music. (✔️ Currently listening to Lauren Jauregui Expectations. This writer’s block is expecting me to give up but I AM NOT HAVING THAT.
  8. Freewrite. (✔️ Which is what this is, my freewriting turned into a blog post.)

Oh and countless motivational fuck you writer’s block memes and quotes. Those really put a smile on my face.
And did I mention the amazing #WritingCommunity on Twitter cheering me and motivating me to push through.

Well, I’m feeling better already! I don’t know if I’ll be able to add any words to my WIP but this writing it out has definitely lifted a weight off of my shoulders and got the creative juices flowing.

Have you experienced writer’s block before? How do you overcome it?

As always thank you for reading!


Can’t I have my cake and eat it too?

I am typing this with tired eyes as my husband sleeps and I try to fight my own. I want this dream but how do I fit it into my already busy life?

One kid ago, I use to wake up at FIVE in the morning, go the gym, come back home, pack lunches, feed a baby, drop the then eight year old and one year old off at the sitters, go work a full time job, pick children up, cook dinner, clean the kitchen, do homework, spend time with my husband, tuck kids in and more.

Today I am a stay at home mom of three. Just one more kid and most days we are hanging by a very thin thread here. I swear I work harder at home then when I use to work. Between the early mornings and these now later nights I just can’t find the damn time.


I want to wake up early, refreshed and ready for the day before coffee, weigh less than I did the day before, not argue with children about meal options because DAMMIT THERE ARE NO OPTIONS! I want to have patience when trying to get to school on time. I want to come home to an already clean house so I can spend the day playing with my toddler and cook a healthy meal that ends up in children’s bellies and not the floor. Not argue with tween about chores she’s had for five years! Spend time with my husband, remember to call my parents, and when all that is done and the house is sound asleep I can let Des A. Scott out of her dark corner in my head and we can spend the night writing.

In a perfect world that would be my schedule but the reality is that I dream of days I when I could sleep in. I can’t function without two cups of coffee in me. I have no patience. The two-year-old’s hobbies consist of arguing with me and fighting with her older siblings, so I spend most of my day breaking up fights. I forget about the clothes in the washing machine and then have to rewash them because now they smell. I do remember to put them in the dryer but then forget about them in there. Probably needed to restart the dryer so the clothes are still damp and now we have no clean or dry clothes.

It feels like all I have time for is cooking a meal that fifty percent of just ends up on the floor and then cleaning that meal.

I wish I had more time in the day to be mom, wife, and writer. I feel guilty to take time away from them for this dream. I have to remember this story has no time limit and my children will only be children for a little longer.

This isn’t a race. It’s not about how fast we get there, just that we got there.

So we will have our cake, we’ll just be eating very slowly 

and enjoying every last bite.