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Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night

17,679 words in and it is getting so good! The story has taken a completely different path then what I thought and wasted my time outlining. Turns out I am a “Panster” as in I write by the seat of my pants. At the beginning of this journey, and after countless “what do other writers do” google searches, I outlined my story. I hoped it would help me stay on track and not lose focus of the story but somewhere along the way the scenes played on in my head and when I was all done writing and checked my notes it was so not where it was supposed to go. BUT I like where it’s going! Once I sit and write and the words are flowing it’s like I’m front row at the movie theater. I’m sitting there with a stupid grin on my face in the kitchen, jamming to Pandora all by my damn self, having a fantastic time and sometimes yelling out at my characters, “Who the hell is that” “Oh damn” and “Yaasss”.

Can you tell how much fun I’m having?

I really am. I wish I would have done this years ago but then again I don’t know where I would have fit this into breastfeeding, potty training, and juggling after-school activities with the firstborn. Today they are a little more independent and as stressful as life can get, now I’m getting a solid FIVE hours of sleep, at least. Unless I stay up writing then who needs sleep when you’re chasing a dream right?

What genre do you enjoy reading the most? I think Cravings is leaning towards Romantic Suspense.

If there are any other authors or aspiring authors reading I would LOVE to hear from you? Are you a panster or a plotter?

*Looking forward to sharing more of In the Dark with you. For now, the last scene inspired this.

Thank you for reading.